Environmental Law Attorney New Jersey

Real Estate and Environmental Law Attorney in New Jersey

Mr. Stavola has excellent experience as a land use and environmental law attorney at one of the most prestigious firms in New Jersey.

If a proposed land use application/development threatens to encroach on your area or otherwise imperils the quality of the air, water, and natural resources, please get in touch with us. We represent individuals and organizations/entities seeking to oppose land use development projects and an environmental law attorney in New Jersey. We will analyze the intersecting ecological regulations, zoning ordinances, relevant statutes, and case law to provide you with the best possible guidance; we will appear before local planning and zoning boards and, if necessary, to facilitate the desired outcome, pursue litigation in the New Jersey court system. 

Infringements on Natural Resources, Plants, Animals, and Air

We will also pursue claims against state and federal agencies and any other entity perpetrating environmental degradation. For example, we are currently involved in halting the offshore wind turbine preparatory activity along the NJ/NY coastlines due to the likely causal connection between high-intensity noise devices used to characterize the seabed floors and the exponentially increasing whale and dolphin mortality events offshore.